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SekCheck 15 Dec  |  2 mins read

International Fingerprinting Service backed by RCMP Accreditation

International Fingerprinting Service backed by RCMP Accreditation

Individuals residing outside Canada often face challenges obtaining rcmp criminal background check, which appears to be a daunting task. Yet, SekCheck, an accredited fingerprinting company, addresses this barrier with its International Fingerprinting Service. This specialized service serves as a crucial link, catering to the needs of applicants located overseas. Through their expertise and accreditation, SekCheck facilitates the process, enabling individuals outside Canada to obtain the necessary Canadian Criminal Record Check, bridging the gap and ensuring accessibility for applicants worldwide. Let’s look into this in detail along with the need and the process for the International Fingerprinting Service and Criminal Record Check.

Need for International Fingerprinting

Applicants residing abroad but requiring a Canadian Criminal Record Check for specific applications, especially after living in Canada for more than six months, can benefit from international fingerprinting.

Accessing the Service:

Step 1: Contact SekCheck

Initiate the process by reaching out via email at info@sekcheck.ca or calling on + 1 866 549 7779. The team will provide instructions and an application package tailored to your requirements.

Application Requirements:

Step 2: Document Preparation

The primary requirement is a fingerprint card. Additionally, applicants need to complete other documents provided in the application package. For international fingerprint services, you can visit a local police station or an authorized fingerprinting agency, like SekCheck, in their home country.

Submission Process:

Step 3: Review and Mailing

Once all documents, including the fingerprint card and other necessary paperwork, are ready, applicants need to email them for review. Upon confirmation, the entire package is sent to SekCheck's office in Canada for processing.

Fingerprint Conversion and Submission:

Step 4: Digital Conversion and RCMP Submission

SekCheck employs a Card Scan system to convert the hard copy fingerprints to digital format. The application, along with the digitized fingerprints, is electronically submitted to the RCMP for processing.

Result Delivery:

Step 5: Wait Period and Result Dispatch

Typically, the process takes around 2-3 weeks from the application submission to obtain results from the RCMP. The results are then mailed by regular mail from Canada Post to the applicant's preferred address in Canada or the US, without a tracking number.

Optional Result Dispatch:

Additional Mailing Option

An alternative option exists for the results to be sent to SekCheck's office, whereupon an additional mailing fee is incurred to send the results to the overseas address provided by the applicant.
SekCheck, accredited RCMP fingerprinting, ensures a seamless and reliable International Fingerprinting Service for global applicants seeking Canadian Criminal Record Checks. While the process involves meticulous document review and digital fingerprinting, the end result guarantees an authentic record check from the RCMP.

Navigating the intricacies of obtaining a Canadian Criminal Record Check from overseas becomes simplified through SekCheck's expertise and accreditation. Rest assured that the service provided adheres to the stringent standards set forth by the RCMP, delivering accurate and crucial documentation to meet applicants' specific needs.

For individuals residing outside Canada seeking Canadian Criminal Record Checks or Canada fingerprinting services, SekCheck stands as a trusted partner, facilitating the process with efficiency and professionalism. Contact us today to initiate your application and access our International Fingerprinting Service backed by RCMP accreditation. To know further, feel free to get in touch with us.