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Abbotsford – Location

  Address: 204 – 2642 Cedar Park Place, Abbotsford BC V2T 3S5

  Phone: + 1 866 549 7779



About our company

SekCheck Fingerprinting Services Agency is a leading RCMP accredited fingerprinting company located in Canada but serving several regions internationally.

When you need to find a reliable and professional team, look no further. You have come across the right people with our services in mind! SekCheck is an international leader in fingerprinting services. We help our clients secure their personal and professional data in peace of mind. We work hard for each client to feel safe in any environment.
We are committed to serving every client most efficiently and effectively possible. We offer both digital and traditional fingerprinting.

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We offer a variety of services

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We have the experience and accolades to show that we are the best in our field.
We are the company you can trust to handle your business with care, and we provide services that will make sure you get your money’s worth.

Our vetted hiring process
We take pride in our commitment to those who care about their safety and well-being. As such, we make sure that all staff members share this same passion for the ethics behind fingerprinting services before hiring them or accepting any work from clients alike!

Our initiative
Fingerprinting services are a basic right and we take our commitment to the staff very seriously. We make sure that all candidates have an understanding of what it means when they apply for this position, so there should be no surprises downline!

We offer a variety of services
Let us be the department you call regarding all things fingerprinting. We specialize in home and office fingerprinting website protection services for your smart devices that are constantly being tracked by hackers around this ever-changing world we live in today. Nevertheless, do not worry because our team has got everything covered!

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Frequently Asked Questions

One is that it helps identify employees, which can help with tracking time worked and preventing time theft. It can also help identify customers, especially when customers are returning items or making payments. In some cases, fingerprinting can even be used for security purposes, such as when accessing secure areas or servers. Fingerprinting provides a more secure and efficient way for businesses to conduct their operations.
Firstly, it needs official approval from your employer or agency to provide access at work with their facilities. Next comes a partial print taken by rolling a finger across the surface; complete straightaway impression. Which may involve placing fingers onto a pad, including the required letter, and signing a consent prior.
Fingerprinting is a common form of identification for employees, and fingerprinting is used as a form of ID in other countries. The database is used to track citizens and ensure they receive government services like education and health care.
Fingerprinting refers to a systematic procedure used by law enforcement agencies, employers, or other organizations to ensure employee compliance. The steps typically include taking prints from each finger using special paper and then digitizing them into electronic form for future reference on computerized systems. Such as those found at schools where there have been demonstration responsibility theft-related infractions.
One is for security purposes – to identify employees and prevent unauthorized access. Another is for identifying and tracking employees, especially those who work with sensitive information or handle money. It can also be used to identify when logging into company computers or networks.
Fingerprinting can help businesses prevent unauthorized access to data and systems, deter fraud, and identify employees who have committed misconduct when used in combination with other security measures such as passwords and user IDs. Fingerprint scanning can provide an additional layer of security for businesses.