Digital Fingerprinting

Digital fingerprinting backed by RCMP accreditation and captured using high-quality live scan technology. Digitalized fingerprint with expert accuracy, confidentiality and team of fingerprinting experts.

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Canadian Police Clearance Certificate from Overseas

Trusted Canadian Police Clearance Certificate from Overseas available in Surrey, Abbotsford and Edmonton by SekCheck Fingerprinting.

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U.S Waiver

Get your US Waiver done by professionals. SekCheck, trusted fingerprinting agency accredited by RCMP you with successful US Waiver in Surrey, Abbotsford and Edmonton.

Ink and Roll Fingerprinting

Classic ink and roll fingerprinting for FBI clearances, foreign police certifications, a passport renewal, a new ID, or security clearances. Wide range of fingerprinting services accredited by RCMP.

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Name Change Application

Name change application in Surrey, Abbotsford and Edmonton. Make it easy to legally change your name or name of your kid in Canada with SekCheck’s smooth & hassle-free services.

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Security License Application

If you want to work with security sector in British Columbia, you will be required for security license. Here, SekCheck can assist you with the application for a security licence, security licence renewals, and other tasks.

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Record Suspension

Reliable and most affordable record suspension in Canada. At SekCheck, you can apply for professional record suspension service backed by RCMP accreditation.

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Police Certificate CPIC

SekCheck provide the best Canadian PCC services accredited by RCMP that safeguarding the safety and well-being of individuals in Canada. Trusted agency, located in Surrey, Abbotsford and Edmonton.

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Pardon and Waiver

Conquer the challenges associated with criminal records and immigration issues with SekCheck’s pardon and waiver services tailored to your specific needs.

RCMP Accredited
Fingerprinting Company Canada

RCMP Accredited Fingerprinting Company in Canada

When you need fingerprinting for employment for the background check, you should opt for RCMP fingerprinting authority or an RCMP-accredited agency to follow the process. You can search for fingerprinting services nearby for the best suitable services. The best fingerprinting company nearby will allow you easy access and trustworthy services. The organization is authorized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to conduct fingerprinting services for various security checks and background verifications. These accredited companies adhere to stringent standards set by the RCMP, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of fingerprinting procedures. They employ certified professionals and use approved fingerprinting technology to capture and process biometric data accurately.

SekCheck Fingerprinting Services Agency is a leading RCMP accredited fingerprinting company located in Canada but serving several regions internationally.

When you need to find a reliable and professional team, look no further. You have come across the right people with our services in mind! SekCheck is an international leader in fingerprinting services. We help our clients secure their personal and professional data in peace of mind. We work hard for each client to feel safe in any environment.

We are committed to serving every client most efficiently and effectively as possible. We offer both digital and traditional fingerprinting.

Why choose us?

We have the experience and accolades to show that we are the best in our field. We are the company you can trust to handle your business with care, and we provide services that will make sure you get your money’s worth.


Our vetted hiring process

We take pride in our commitment to those who care about their safety and well-being. As such, we  make sure that all staff members share this same passion for the ethics behind fingerprinting  services before hiring them or accepting any work from clients alike!


Our initiative

Fingerprinting services are a basic right and we take our commitment to the staff very seriously. We make sure that all candidates have an understanding of what it means when they apply for this position, so there should be no surprises downline!


We offer a variety of services

Let us be the department you call regarding all things fingerprinting. We specialize in home and office fingerprinting website protection services for your smart devices that are constantly being tracked by hackers around this ever-changing world we live in today. Nevertheless, do not worry because our team has got everything covered!

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Khushpreet Kharoud
Khushpreet Kharoud
March 20, 2024
Great services, nice staff
March 18, 2024
I got my fingerprinting process done quite easy and quick, didn't needed an appointment, just walked in.
Karandeep Singh
Karandeep Singh
March 15, 2024
Quick and helpful
nitheesh babu
nitheesh babu
March 14, 2024
Came for my PCC for PR application. Procedure over in 5 minutes. Good facilities and service