International Fingerprinting

International Fingerprinting

We are best at what we do for international fingerprinting services. This process provides access control and helps prevent crime by gathering physical prints for analysis.

When clients come in for their international fingerprinting, we require them to complete and submit a set of ink fingerprints and photocopies of two pieces of government-issued ID. The requirements are necessary for the processing, and our clients should ensure that the forms are well filled.

With a team of experts, we are helping our clients with any task relating to international fingerprinting services. Sekcheck Company takes pride in the service since its inception and will continue providing quality work for you!

Are you wondering how your international fingerprinting services could be rendered to you? Worry not; email us, and one of our support team members will help. We have a dedicated group that ensures all needs are met for every customer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Fingerprinting is a great way to ensure that people cannot fraudulently use their prints. It's also an essential step in the hiring process for many employers who want access and control over who has been allowed to work with them - not just employees but contractors!
Yes, for your prints to be accepted by all countries that use these systems. You should also follow the guidelines of whichever country or agencies you choose as they will submit them on behalf of you and give instructions about how long it takes before receiving approval from their government entities, so we are talking instant results here! There's no reason why anyone shouldn't take advantage when getting international Criminal Records Checked because our team works hard every day checking documentation provided, which are usually quick.
No, you can hire any local attorney if they accept cases in your country. Alternatively, provide free representation according to law requirements for citizens living there legally. However, it is recommended that applicants find an accredited firm because those attorneys have undergone training on how best to handle these types of cases before being allowed access into other countries' courtrooms with clients who may be facing serious charges like criminal conviction resulting from conduct involving moral turpitude a crime against humanity. The cost will most likely cover itself through savings awarded by outcomes obtained during proceedings.
You can find out more information on this subject or get help if needed by talking to our customer support team, which specializes in helping our clients at any time.
Fingerprints have been used as an identification method since they were first developed in 1887. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) led an effort to create standards and regulations regarding this practice, which Resolution A108 of December 7th formally adopted, 2001 under Chapter VII "Bodies" stating: 'Each State Party shall adopt such measures ensuring that its flights receive appropriate verification at airports before boarding may occur.' This means some countries require certain types or levels depending on their security level; there isn't one set rule because every nation varies greatly when dealing with these issues internally."