Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Check

We are the leading provider of criminal background checks in British Columbia and Alberta. Our experts ensure that your criminal search is conducted, so you can be sure we will get it right every time!

We are the most trusted company for background checks. Our experts always do a thorough background screening, and we make sure that your records are up-to-date, which helps ensure you know any criminal history of our clients! We offer professionals who understand what they need to do to succeed with such essential tasks as this one.

We make sure to help our clients with their criminal records to find qualified candidates for any job. It is crucial when it comes time to hire staff because businesses want individuals who will work well and pose no threat or danger on the job site.

If you are ever in need of help, our support team is always available to assist. We value the importance and privacy surrounding this document, so rest assured knowing your identity will remain confidential when submitted with just one simple touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this question depends on who will be doing it and why they need information about someone else’s past. Some examples of when a person might want access include – employing staff members older adults without references, pregnant teenager, moving into an apartment complex with shared walls, certain types of jobs require licensing/registration requirements.
When a record is sealed or expunged, it means that the court has determined there should be no public trace of this action.
A credit card application might require you to provide information about past arrests or convictions. A driver's license renewal could be denied if the person was ever convicted as an adult before they turned 18 years old. In addition, had their vehicle taken away by law enforcement personnel for DUI-related reasons, which would then show up on one’s record along with active cases being opened against them at local district attorney offices, even though these do not always appear there since many courts will dismiss charges once proceedings have started.
Criminal background checks are conducted for many different reasons. Still, the most common purpose is to determine an individual's honesty and integrity with respect. To get another perspective on whether they should be trusted by society or not; we also use them as part of our hiring process at SekCheck. A background check also provides protection from potential risks that may come along when dealing publicly. Finally, to better understand why someone would want to work at the chosen company.
A criminal background check is an essential part of the hiring process. It can help determine if you have been convicted for any felonies, misdemeanours or even infractions in your past that might affect how and where you work at specific companies.
The most important thing is that they will provide you with an accurate record of your past, which can help in many different ways. For example, suppose someone has been convicted for possession. In that case, this information should not be accessible through any other means because it could lead them into further trouble, but rather only through official channels would one know about these actions and successes or failures.